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28, Jan 2015
General Election
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Please fill out the following form to report any violation of the election process that you observe in your neighbourhood. A FAFEN Representative may call you for further details.
Citizen Reports
Ali Raza NA-272, Kech-cum-Gwadar

Hand grenade attack on house of PML-N's women contestant Zubaida Jalal in Turbat.

Ali Raza NA-71 Mianwali-I

Elders won’t let Paikhel women cast vote. There are some 8,000 women voters in Paikhel union council of Mianwali that comprise the town & sub-urban area. Ali Khan, an elder of the area, said: “It is our pride to keep women away from politics. How we can alter the traditions of our forefathers.” Check the link for more:

Annam Gohar NA-228 Umerkot (Old Mirpurkhas-III)

Most women in rural areas still without CNICs’

Ali Raza NA-40 Tribal Area-V, North Wazirastan Agency

"The people of Waziristan are hereby warned that they should not allow their women to cast votes and shouldn't let any candidate influence them", said the pamphlet distributed by an unknown militant group in Miranshah

Annam Gohar NA-1 Peshawar-I

Transport ban may affect women turnout in khyber pakhtunkhwa

Annam Gohar NA-65 Sargodha-II

Mateela is one of 564 out of the 64,000 polling districts across Pakistan where not a single woman voted in the country’s 2008 election. The men from this village of roughly 9,000 people got together with other nearby communities to decide that their women would not vote on May 11 either.It’s the will of my husband,” said one woman, Fatma Shamshed. “This is the decision of all the families.”

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