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28, Jan 2015
General Election


The Free and Fair Election Network (FAFEN) was established in 2006 as a coalition of 30 non-governmental organizations to observe the general elections and mobilize voters. The Asia Foundation facilitated the formation of the network. However, the purpose-based network continued its working after the general elections held in February 2008 and expanded its scope to work from election oversight and reforms to include parliamentary oversight and reforms, governance oversight and reforms and political parties’ oversight and reforms. FAFEN is currently governed by the Trust for Democratic Education and Accountability (TDEA).

FAFEN continues to implement robust programs in-between elections related to monitoring parliamentary affairs, connecting constituents to their elected representatives, monitoring the performance of public and elected institutions and advocating electoral and democratic reforms. FAFEN is also monitoring political and electoral violence, peace activities and promoting active citizenry through ongoing civic education activities in 200 National Assembly constituencies in 121 districts  and seven tribal agencies in Pakistan.

Since its inception, FAFEN has had many successes. The impact of its work on the process and conduct of elections has been acknowledged by political parties, the Election Commission of Pakistan, international observer groups, and domestic and international media. For example:

“In terms of reporting on and affecting changes in electoral administration and being coordinated, (FAFEN) domestic observation was more effective than international observation. … It was probably the most effective and efficient activity supported by the donors … (and) should be studied further as best practice.”

Joint Donor Evaluation of Pakistan Electoral Assistance 2006-2008 (August 2008)

“FAFEN produced valuable election related information throughout the election period as well as a strong set of recommendations for election reform. Their parallel vote tabulation (PVT) effort was particularly impressive as they were able to have election monitors in 8,000 polling places throughout the day.”

Joint Donor Evaluation of Pakistan Electoral Assistance 2006-2008 (August 2008)

“The FAFEN observation reports show high quality of quantitative analysis based on both access to data from a statistically significant range of constituencies and a sound methodology.”

European Union Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) Final Report (April 2008)

FAFEN currently has 42 leading civil society organizations as its members, working to strengthen all forms of democratic accountabilities in Pakistan.